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Reliable Cleaning Services In Central London

10 years ago Dess Homecare Ltd took and completed its first professional cleaning service. Since that first happy customer, we knew we would never stop looking for greater and more convenient ways to provide customers hygiene in the office, purity, and snugness at home, everything necessary for the decent and deep cleaning procedure whether for the floor or any specific furniture type. Today, we can brag about a large list of commercial and domestic cleaning services in Central London that can suit anyone`s need. If you are looking for some sanitizing or stain removal help, here is what we can do for you at fraction of the cost:

Hard floor cleaning service in Central London represents an innovative formula with deep action against both: dirt and faults. We begin the procedure with thorough disinfection, stain removal – if necessary – and finish with proper and natural deodorizing effect. Somewhere in the middle of the surface, on a clean area, we apply revolutionary methods for brilliance restoration. We fill gaps and remove cracks when it is needed.

Curtain cleaning service is appropriate for any type of blinds, curtains, natural materials and synthetic textiles, luxurious models and expensive designs. We usually sanitize the curtains without hanging them out, but directly, while they are on. Depending on the cleaning technique, the curtains are ready to be used immediately after the procedure, or for up to 3 hours. If you do not want to wait for the curtains to dry for such a long time, quick drying system can be applied, upon request.

Commercial cleaning service can be ordered for single visitation or on a regular basis. We provide corporate assistance in hard floor and carpet disinfection, including for organic surfaces. We are also available for carpets, rugs and curtains cleaning orders. We are flexible and you can choose whether to arrange the visitation before, during or after working hours.

Rug cleaning service is a great choice for antique, Oriental, Egyptian, Arabic and similar rugs that are not suitable for ordinary sanitizing approaches or tools we use in traditional carpet cleaning procedure. Rugs are always delicately refreshed and we remove the dirt from deepest fibers leaving them nice-smelling and bacteria-free.

Mattress cleaning service is a recommended procedure for at least once per year. The idea is to minimize the risk of bed bugs, mold or microbes in your sleeping zone, in bed, where you spend one-third of your day. Most of the stain removers we use are effective even against tough spots like blood, urine, human sweat and etc.

Sofa and upholstery cleaning service could be the right choice for any housekeeper`s precious furniture. We accept all types of chairs, seats, and sofas, regardless how old or dirty they are. We offer two alternatives for an equally efficient result: the modern hot water extraction method and the harmless dry cleaning.