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Here Are The Top FAQs As To Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services In Central London

As our special customer, you are always welcome to contact our understanding and polite customer support representatives whether for some additional information or to ask a question. We are available for you 24/7. To save you some time, Dess Homecare Ltd has also gathered the top common frequently asked questions and provided answers for them. Check out below the most popular carpet cleaning Central London FAQs now:

When can I receive my service?

The first thing you need to do is to contact us – whether by phone, in any of our office or via our online booking form. We respond to your reservations or inquiries as soon as possible. Once we reach you for the first time, we will negotiate all the details – like your personal instructions, the necessity of emergency action and etc. When we reach an agreement, we will visit the cleaners to your property in a most convenient for you time. We work around the whole year. We can come after, during or before the working ours. The gifted commercial and domestic cleaners are also available to work after hours if needed.

How do I pay for the service?

We offer various and flexible payment methods: cash, credit or debit cards. You do not pay in advance. We do not require from you to sign a contract for subscription or regular services. And you pay only when the procedure is done. Please, note that all of our professional services come with insurance included. It means that if you are not satisfied with the final outcome, you can reach us within a reasonable time. We will send another team to your property. If the procedure is poorly done, indeed, we will re-do it.

Why is it worth to use professional cleaning services?

We strongly recommend you to use professional cleaning services whether for your expensive furniture, luxurious floor surfaces or the delicate bed accessories, because they give you guarantee for a higher rate of hygiene, which means more freshness and mainly, fewer risks for your health. Plus – the maintenance of a decent interior design depends on the proper cleaning. Professional cleaning procedures are performed with innovative and specially tailored products and techniques that drive twice better results than your materials at hand and average knowledge in sanitizing.

If you find no information about what concerns you from the above questions and answers about our top-notched carpet cleaning services in Central London,  have zero doubts to contact us to receive further details. We are available on this phone number 020 3746 2538 for you 24/7!